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This is a monthly blog born out of a passion for wild plants, culture and story.

‘As gardeners we know that even the outermost bud on the furthermost branch is fed by its deepest roots.’

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I believe in a world where we have more choices than just to consume. My mission is to invest in Nature education in order to empower the next generation. I do that by creating educational posts and providing inspiration for further exploration. Join me in creating strong bonds with the more than human world around us, a small step at a time.


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Christopher Lloyd, the great garden writer reflected on May as following: ‘Man compares himself with the world around him, with the birds shouting their songs, the trees bursting into leaf, old or young, in imagination or in fact, he feels himself a part of this creative impulse. There is a great forward impulse in spring.Continue reading “May”


This blog started in February. It was at a time when in Bavaria the snow would slowly start to melt under trees, indicating that water is taken up through the trunk into the buds. The buds have swollen for a whole month now. They have slowly gained energy, developed their ideas for the year untilContinue reading “April”

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